The Vivaness is the world's largest organic skincare trade fair, and I was there for the first time this year! Since there were so many amazing organic Asian brands present, I wanted to tell you all about my adventures from the world of organic beauty in today's The K-Beauty Podcast episode!

I only had one day at the Vivaness, but it was enough to connect with a number of exceptional organic skincare brands from all over the world. So, I hope you’ll get as excited as I am about all the organic J-, T-, G-, B-, L- and of course K-Beauty news that await you today!

Asian brands mentioned:

1. Urang (13:50)

2. Whamisa (25:20)

3. CHOBS Organic (28:03)

4. BINU Beauty (31:27)/SanDaWha (32:54)

5. ARTQ Organic (33:17)

6. ZNYA (39:47)

7. Naveen (45:41)

8. Inna Organic (48:12)


Other brands mentioned:

1. INARI Artic Beauty (52:43)

2. MÀDARA (58:01)

3. Zoya Goes Pretty (1:06:31)

4. Wooden Spoon (1:12:49)

5. Antipodes (1:17:00)


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Intro and outro music: "Puzzle Pieces" by Lee Rosevere



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